Nature Gives Pakistan's its Finest
Pakistan Gives World its First

Since 1994 we are in the rice business and have taken great steps to maintain the qualities of rice .We have incorporated different techniques and machineries to meet the international standard in rice production. From rice cultivation to packaging, today we have the latest rice milling/processing facilities based upon the technology of Japan, UK and…

We have laid strong emphasis on modern and state-of-the art operation. As the latest technology used in Japan and Europe we have installed the best machines like SATAKE, Japan. Among the rice milling industry there is an increasing upgrading with high-tech processing equipment and control systems. We use computerized methods where applicable. In every aspect we believe that with out the usage of advanced technology no one can meet the strict criteria of quality production that is why we give quality, the most priority order. Our BASMATTI RICE is meeting the highest standards of quality.

In our Mill each grain of rice is processed for perfection. Procedures like paddy separation, de-stoning, polishing, grading and color sorting of the rice grains are done automatically by high tech machines. Quality packed rice is only allowed into the market after it has passed through strict quality control measures at every stage of processing as well as in our well equipped, modern laboratory. Such detailed care and attention guarantees that SUPER BASMATI RICE will always give you a delicious meal of long and fluffy rice grains with exotic aroma.

Our Indian Par boiler is state of the art machine and gives very best results that further enhance the quality production. We take intensive care in the hygienic processing and our specialized staff maintains the quality.

From paddy separation to final packaging every step is accomplished with in one boundary, i.e. our rice mill. we have the storage capacity of 40,000 M.Tones.

Super Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd. has established a true Business Model that has focused to global customer demand. We have a customer service department dedicated to provide complete information, services and support to each customer’s query.

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