Nature Gives Pakistan's its Finest
Pakistan Gives World its First


Harvesting is done through harvesters, which facilitate the harvesting in our vast rice fields. The harvested rice from harvesters reaches to rice mill where it is stored for rice processing. The rice is kept in our very spacious storage units.


Par boiling and husking is the most common and important process in rice processing. From our storage units, the paddy is cleaned .Here dust is removed from the paddy .Then paddy is sent to other machines that grade the width. This is done to remove immature paddy .These machines are automatic and fine tuned for fine paddy out put. The mature paddy is then PRE STEAMED. The PRE STEAMED paddy is the kept steam wet for about 12 – 14 hours in our chambers. These chambers are basically boilers. We are the only rice mill in Pakistan having the Imported PAR-BOILING PLANT. This is latest and most efficient plant in rice industry. Here rice is passed through chambers of steam. After this process the rice is called SAILA means par boiled.

Once rice is par boiled it is passed through our special dryers. These dryers are efficient enough as they reduce moisture in the paddy to 8% and even below that level.


The par boiled rice is then kept for a few hours in bags and passed through different machines. This process includes PADDY CLEANING for fine quality paddy PADDY HUSKING for HUSK separation and other unwanted material from the paddy.


After the rice is passed through the separators, it then enters in the process of whitening, The clean and white rice large bags are then poured in STOCK BIN. Here rice is kept and sent to other processing requirements. These processing includes passing of rice through various machines that separate further unwanted material from rice. We use machines called COMBI CLEANERS known high quality machines.

SIZE GRADERS [Thickness Graders]

After the rice is purified to some extent, it is then passed through the SIZE GRADER machines. also known as thickness graders. Our these machines are latest and finest in the world that filter UNDER SIZE and OVER SIZE rice grains from each other. This is done in worlds finest machines in our mill.


As this is natural that harvested rice contains lots of small pebbles and pieces of stone, There are very efficient and modern machines in our rice mill known as DESTONERS, which separate stones from rice making it more purified from any kind and size of stone.


Once the rice is cleaned from stones it is whitened and polished in special machines. We have state of the art polishing machines called NF-14 from CHINA. The rice is passed through DRY POLISHING machines and then MIST POLISHERS. After then its is passed through special machine called SILKY POLISHER that further refines individual grain of rice. Once it is done through fine quality rice is again passed through the graders. These machines again separate the different size of rice grains and filter them. In our rice mill we have special machines that further filter the rice after this called THICKNESS GRADER for over size rice , LENGTH GRADER and once again COMBI CLEANER is used. This removes any dust if remained on the rice grains.


This fine quality rice is then passed through special machine called COLOR SEPARATOR or COLOR MASTER. Here dark colored rice grains are removed from the rice making it clean, pure and polished white.


Once the rice is passed through color master , it is then passed through a wide range of machines that further grade the length. This is all done through automatic high quality machines in our mill.


The finest quality rice is now ready to be shipped. We have very large capacity stores where our aromatic silky white ,world standard rice is nicely packaged and stored for delivery in Pakistan and abroad.

Super Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd. has established a true Business Model that has focused to global customer demand. We have a customer service department dedicated to provide complete information, services and support to each customer’s query.

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